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Feel the Burn! . . . ow, , ,

So, on Friday I worked out with my friend Beth and she took me through her routine. Later I felt the burn, ow. Pretty much the muscles that we worked on were the ones that help you stand and sit. Ow, ow, ow. But as they say, no pain, no gain.

Also on Friday, Beth and I work on the halter top she wants for her costume. That means, I get to work on my pattern and teaching skills! We pretty much fussed with the muslin she brought till we got what we wanted. Next week we are making it. We are both pretty excited about it!

Saturday I went to a party of a friend. It was fun.

So yeah

Michal Jackson died today


Day 4 of losing weight

So, it is day 4 of my plan to lose weight! So far I have given up in between snaking between meals, and been drinking water like a FISH!

What I still need to work on: Exercising. I have made an effort to go a on a walk every day, but I need to figure out what else I can do to burn more. Also, I fallen back to bad habits, and have been sleeping in, which means time I could be actively doing something to kill my gut is spent in dream land.

Yeah. . .

My Mission

To lose at least 20 pounds by my birthday.

So, I want to lose my belly, cause I am sick of having to much jiggle to my wiggle. According to the internets I am about 30 pounds over what my idea weight should be.

So, I'm gonna try to lose some poundage and see what happens

Wish me luck


Never look at food recipes while hungry

So, for the heck of it, I was looking up recipes on Japaneses desserts. I have come to two conclusions while looking. 1) They use a lot of sweet bean paste. 2)It all looks really good!

One of these days I should try to make some of these


I am, like a good number of people I know, a European Mutt. However, with all the mixing nationality that make up me, I was informed by my grandmother that thanks to her mother, I'm Scott-Irish. So, out of curiously I wanted to look up my "Clan Tartan". According to my grandmother we hale form Clan McArthur.

Google helps me none.


Ren Faire Anyone?

So every year the family and I go to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire (http://www.medievalfaire.com/) So, if you people feel like coming, we're going on the 18th of July.

Take care people!

The End

Well, the class is over YAY!!!

Praxis is taken *cring*

And I am allowed to sleep in again.

Next adventure: Driving


Colossal Con

Colossal Con wasn't too bad this year. The Hotel it was at was AWESOME with a indoor water park and baby tiger, but the con itself was. .. . ehhh.

I don't know, I mean I had fun, but at the same time I saw to many over weight people trying to cosplay skinny people. Dealer's room was okay, but like only one table had manga and anime. I got a couple good deals on some stuff I found. Sadly though, I couldn't find anything for anyone else which made me sad cause I wanted to at least get Lisa something, but there just not really anything there that was in my price range that I know people would like.

And the panels were boring as usual. The one positive note was they actually got some decent voice actors down there.

I think in terms of costume I saw nothing "wowing" a lot of what people did was what every one had done before. I saw a really good (as in not fat, and really looked the part) Yoko from Guren Lagen which was nice.

Mostly what people did was just assemble their own looks from mis-match stuff. Didn't bother going to the cosplay btw.

I rate it a 6. Better hotel, but same old crowd.

Adventures in the sewing shop!

So, to kill time on my long days at Kent, I've been volunteering my time down in the costume shop. Mainly, I do the grunt work.

Lately it been labeling costumes, or doing little tasks that are tedious and time consuming. Like to day, I had to tear out and re-attach eye-hooks on a bra that is going to be put on a guy.

Other then that I stabbed myself 3 times with a needle, sewed on snaps, labeled underwear and socks, fixed a necklace and cleaned up stuff.

It's a lot of busy work, but everyone in the shop is stressed cause it is getting close to crunch time, so the more of the little odd end jobs that I do, the less they have to worry about, I guess.

But GOD am I beat!